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Administration - Faculty & Staff

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Bruno G. Hicks, Ed.D.
Dean of Education

(978) 665-3530
FAX: (978) 665-3614

Jason Miles, M.Ed.
Director of Education Unit Accountability and Licensure

(978) 665-3292
FAX: (978) 665-3614

Lourdes Ramirez
Field Placement, Partnership, and Recruitment Coordinator

(978) 665-3685
FAX: (978) 665-3614

Sandra Herndon
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Education,
Director of Education Unit Accountability and Licensure,
and Field Placement, Partnership and Recruitment Coordinator

(978) 665-3239
FAX: (978) 665-3614

Education Department
Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, and Special Education

Denise Sargent, Ed.D.
Chair, Education Department

Assistant Professor

(978) 665-3995

Lyndsey Benharris, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Early Childhood Graduate Chair

(978) 665-3539

William Cortezia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Middle School Graduate Chair
Middle School/Secondary Program Chair

(978) 665-3489

Lynn D'Agostino

(978) 665-3341

Danette Day, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

(978) 665-3695

Karen DeAngelis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 

(978) 665-3516

Felicia Farron-Davis, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

(978) 665-4030

Janna Heiligenstein, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

(978) 665-3477

Anne Howard, Ph.D.
Chair, Graduate Program in Special Education (Severe Disabilities and Guided Studies)

(978) 665-3309

Ruth Joseph, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Reading Specialist Graduate Chair

(978) 665-3899

Laurie Link, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

(978) 665-3310

Betty Mulrey, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

(978) 665-3771

Nancy Murray, Ed.D.
Chair, Graduate Program in Special Education (Moderate Disabilities) Project Director - Meeting the Challenge

(978) 665-3770

Joann Nichols, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

(978) 665-3371

Robert Shapiro, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

(978) 665-3511

Annette Sullivan, Ed.D.
Elementary Graduate Chair

(978) 665-3717

Scott Tyner, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

(978) 665-3771

Carolyn Hughes
Administrative Assistant

(978) 665-3193

Lael Lavery
Administrative Assistant

(978) 665-3308

Secondary Education Programs
English, History, Math and Biology

George Babich, Ph.D.
Chair, MA/MAT Program in Biology; Chair M.Ed. Program in Science Education

(978) 665-3245

Laura Baker, Ph.D.
Co-Chair, MA/MAT in History
Secondary Education Coordinator
Associate Professor

(978) 665-3397

Nermin Bayazit
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

(978) 665-3475

Chola Chisunka, Ph.D.
English Professor

(978) 665-3445

Katharine Covino-Poutasse
Assistant Professor of English

(978) 665-3751

Lisa Grimm
Chair, MAT Program in English
Assistant Professor of

(978) 665-3334

Wendy Keyser
Assistant Professor of English

(978) 665-3983

Erin MacNeal Rehrig, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology

(978) 665-3982

Diane Lucas

Administrative Assistant

Jean Varchol
Administrative Assistant

(978) 665-3267

(978) 665-3393

Carla McGrath

Administrative Assistant

(978) 665-3397

Ann Larsen

Administrative Assistant

(978) 665-3263

Melissa J. Barrette

Administrative Assistant

(978) 665-3246

Technology Education Programs

James Alicata, Ed.D.

(978) 665-3047

Wayne Whitfield, Ph.D.
Supervising Faculty

(978) 665-4807

Susan Sheridan

(978) 665-3585

Diane Whitham
Administrative Assistant

(978) 665-3047
FAX (978) 665-4435

M.Ed. in Curriculum & Teaching

Richard Masciarelli, M.Ed.
Chair, Curriculum & Teaching

(508) 331-7179

Elizabeth Lavin
Program Coordinator, Lowell Program

Educational Leadership and Management Programs
(M.Ed. and C.A.G.S.):
School Principal, Supervisor/Director, and Technology Leader


Guidance Counseling Program

Daneen Deptula
Chair, Graduate Guidance Counseling Program,
Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences

(978) 665-3603

Megan Krell, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences

(978) 665-3243

McKay Arts Academy and Teacher Education Center


Tara Rolf
Administrative Assistant

(978) 665-3188

Center for Professional Studies and Extended Campus Programs

Lisa Moison
Director of Extended Campus and Professional Studies

(978) 665-3345

Dani Langdon

(978) 665-4122

Tracy McGrath
Administrative Assistant
Center for Professional Studies

(978) 665-3636
FAX: (978) 665-3639

Cathy Montague
Administrative Assistant
Extended Campus Programs

(978) 665-3794