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Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL)

There are two types of educator licensure tests of concern to education students at Fitchburg State University: The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) and The Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers (PRAXIS SERIES).

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) are required of all persons seeking licensure in Massachusetts as teachers, specialists, guidance counselors, and educational administrators. The Communication and Literacy (Test #01) test of the MTEL is required of everyone seeking licensure, and the subject matter tests are also required for most licensure categories. For information about additional MTEL(s) required for approved Fitchburg State programs, students should meet with their academic advisor for details on the required timing. Information about Fitchburg State preparatory courses and/or workshops, tutoring and resources, please visit Fitchburg State University's Tutor Center website, or the Center for Professional Studies.

MTEL Registration Guidelines (PDF)

MTELS as required for License (MS Word)

MTEL website

Continuous, year-round computer-based testing will be available beginning September 4, 2012 for all six tests in the below list. Score reports for these tests will be issued every two weeks except for English and History, for which score reports will be issued six times during the year.

Communication and Literacy Skills (01): reading and writing subtests
Early Childhood (02)
English (07)
Foundations of Reading (90)
General Curriculum (03): multi-subject and mathematics subtests
History (06)

The six tests will no longer be offered at paper-based administrations. The last paper-based administration of these tests is July 14, 2012.

Visit the MTEL website for online registration, practice tests, test objectives, and information booklets and click here for registration deadlines.

Pearson Professional Test Centers in the US and Canada (PDF).

Additional MTEL Prep Workshops offered through the Center for Professional Studies

MTEL Workshops:

Individual peer tutoring at the Writing Center also assists students to prepare for the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL) Communication and Literacy Skills test (Test #01) writing sub-test. Fourteen guidebooks are available online for additional instruction and practice resources on each of the eight Writing sub-test objectives. Students are assisted to develop an individualized study plan through an assessment of writing skills by test objective, test taking strategies, practice tests and feedback on the written summary and essay sub-tests. Preparation for the CLST Reading sub-test is available as a two hour workshop at MTEL prep video.

Praxis Exam Series

The Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers (PRAXIS SERIES) is for persons seeking teacher licensure in states other than Massachusetts (out-of-state). Approximately thirty-eight states other than Massachusetts recognize the PRAXIS SERIES.