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As a student receiving counseling services, you have a right to privacy and confidentiality, however:

  • A counselor may release confidential information if you have given written consent to do so.
  • A counselor may release confidential information if they have reason to believe that a client is a danger to themselves, or presents a danger to others.
  • A counselor must report any knowledge of abuse or neglect of a child, elderly person, or a person with a disability.
  • In rare circumstances, a court of law or judge may require a counselor to produce confidential information.

Counseling records never become a part of a student's transcript or Fitchburg State University record. All records are securely kept in the Counseling Services Office.

E-mail Policy

Counseling is conducted face-to-face, not through email.

  • The privacy of e-mail can not be assured, therefore we encourage you not to communicate with our office using this method.
  • Although we check our e-mail often, we make no promise concerning when or how often e-mail is read. You have no way of knowing whether the recipient is unavailable due to vacation, illness or other reason. Therefore, your message may not be received and read promptly.  We recommend that you call the office at (978) 665-3152 to set up an appointment or to speak with a counselor rather than attempt to contact us through