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About the Commuter Affairs Program


Commuter students will become empowered members of campus life by taking advantage of the services and opportunities offered through Fitchburg State University. Commuter students will make personal connections with faculty, staff and peers through the various programs that promote academic, personal, social, and community development.


The Commuter Affairs program is committed to enhancing the commuter experience at Fitchburg State University by providing relevant daytime programming, accessible services and mentors, and leadership opportunities. The program takes a comprehensive approach to student development by focusing on the academic, personal, social and community involvement of each commuter student at Fitchburg State University.

Core Areas of Emphasis

Academic Connections

Emphasis on Academic Connections encourages students to make connections with faculty members by providing events and programs that facilitate relationship building.

Community Connections

Emphasis on Community Connections encourages students to assist the local community of Fitchburg and surrounding areas through volunteer opportunities in an effort to facilitate student pride and connection to the community.

Social Connections

Emphasis on Social Connections encourages the development of programs that focus on social activities and encourage friendships and fun.

Personal Connections

Emphasis on Personal Connections encourages the personal and individual development of each student by providing programs that encourage student self-reflection and learning about others.


  • Assess and research commuter student needs.
  • Provide programs, services and facilities that directly address the needs of commuter students.
  • Advocate for commuter student services and act as the voice of the commuter student population.
  • Inform students of campus events, policies, and procedures.
  • Encourage involvement in campus life beyond the classroom.