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Art Galleries

Hammond Hall Art Gallery

The Hammond Hall Art Gallery is located in the G-level of the Hammond Hall Campus Center.

Matt Eich

Exhibition | September 18th to October 25th

Photo of a group of men by Matt Eich

Dolls & Other Things
Pamela Blum

Exhibition | October 30th to December 27th
Talk and Demonstration | October 30 | 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Pamela Blum makes sculptures and paintings with encaustic paint—pigment suspended in beeswax. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States and in France.

Artist Statement:
Pamela Blum, Thin Doll, 2019The first semi-figurative “Dolls” surprised me. They evolved from my previous sculptures, but had to solve a technical need to hang from wires (They can also hang directly on a wall.). As a result I made bulbous “bodies” to hide hooks and “legs” to stabilize them.

With their aluminum mesh armatures plumped up with plaster bandages, papier maché, and layers of wax, these sculptures took on nearly human, feminine personalities. Their abstracted forms and gestures reminded me of adolescent preoccupations with body images and degrees of femininity that used to cause me everything from envy to revulsion.

The sculptures’ lush, dense titanium white surfaces had a very different presence from the cold, translucent zinc white I used in previous work. As a result, I left some of these sculptures a demure white that nearly hides their mars black “undergarments”. Other sculptures strut their stuff with black boots or stockings, and other abstract marks. They are missing their arms, heads, feet and half their torsos. Most of these sculptures, with butt to viewer, appear to walk away.

In the second group of sculptures, I continued to make dolls—one is a boy. They face the viewer. I also expanded the variety of themes that I’ve used before—unidentifiable animals and useless “utilitarian” objects—jugs, a spatula.

I continue to make work with a hefty measure of the abject combined by contrast with something funny and/or poignant in the sculptures’ gestures.

Pamela Blum has a BA degree in studio art and art history from the University of Pennsylvania and an MFA in Interrelated Media from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has experience in diverse visual disciplines including drawing, color theory, painting, sculptural installation, performance, architecture, physical planning and graphic design. She has many years of teaching experience in colleges and universities at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has also taught numerous workshops. She was formerly Editor of F.A.T.E. in Review, the Journal of Foundations in Art Theory and Education, and a member of the Mid-America Art Association Board of Directors.

Born in Boston, MA she grew up in academia. She now lives in Kingston, NY with her husband, Richard Frumess, Founder of R&F Handmade Paints. She has traveled throughout the United States, as well as in parts of Europe and Canada.

Faculty Show

Exhibition | January 20th, 2020 to February 19th, 2020


Exhibition | March 6th, 2020 to April 18th, 2020

ARTeries is the Fitchburg State University Art Department’s annual juried exhibition, showcasing the strongest original student work in drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed-media art. ARTeries provides an opportunity for the University community to celebrate the artistic talents of Fitchburg State students. As a “juried” show, ARTeries is competitive. A faculty panel will select artworks from the pool of submissions.


Exhibition | April 15th, 2020 to June 27th, 2020

Conlon Media Wall

The Conlon Hall Media Wall is a digital HD video display measuring 6 feet by 10 feet that showcases creative work from students, faculty, alumni and regional artists. The Media Wall is located in the lobby of the Conlon Industrial Technology building at 316 Highland Ave.

The Wall Talk is an opportunity for the artist to visit campus and explain the featured work. All are invited to attend and ask questions or simply sit and listen while enjoying complimentary refreshments.

Paper Hat Game
Torry Bend

Wednesday, September 4th

Scene from "Paper Hat Game" by Torry Bend

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