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Writing Your Resume

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The resume is one of the major marketing tools that you will use as a job hunter. As a personalized advertisement it is important that the resume be carefully constructed to emphasize accomplishments, experience and preparation for a desired position. A well-crafted resume serves several purposes.

  1. Self-Inventory
    A summary of experience which prepares you to discuss your skills & accomplishments.
  2. Calling Card
    Left with your network contacts, it refreshes their memory when promoting your attributes.
  3. Introduction
    Along with a cover letter, the resume introduces you as a prospective candidate and encourages an invitation to interview.
  4. Screening Tool
    Allows an employer to screen out those who do not possess the skills, knowledge, or experience to do the work and concentrate on those who do.
  5. Agenda
    Makes it easy for an interviewer to review your qualifications and generate questions based on your skills, knowledge, and experience.

Special Note:

Preparing a resume is more like an art form than a scientific process. As a consequence, there is a myriad of ways to approach the task and each finished product is unique. There are no right or wrong resumes. There are, however, resumes that are more or less effective than others in conveying a meaningful message. The following information contains guidelines for writing an effective resume, not hard and fast rules.

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