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By now you have set a realistic career goal that matches your experience and skills. You should also have a resume available for any opportunities that may arise. Now is the time to make contacts with those in your field of choice to find leads to organizations that are hiring. You already have a network of people who are familiar to you. And those people know many other people. Your sources for networking are endless!

  • Tell everyone you know that you are searching for a job. Distribute copies of your resume to family, friends, parents of friends, former employers, and university classmates. Keep copies on hand for newly introduced acquaintances.
  • Ask for referrals to persons at companies/organizations for whom you would like to work. Get contact information and any personal details that may be helpful. Ask if you may use his or her name when you introduce yourself. Better yet, would he/she make the introduction?
  • Before you reach for the phone, be prepared. Educate yourself about the company and know what you want to say about yourself. Have several questions ready to show your interest and knowledge of the company. Taking notes or writing a script of what you want to say may be helpful to get you through the first few calls.
  • Contact the referrals by phone. Introduce yourself and immediately mention the mutual friend, colleague, or whoever referred you. State your reason for calling and request a meeting to discuss job leads or career advice. Be prepared to share information about yourself and your experience/skills. (NOTE: If the person to whom you are speaking is not in charge of hiring, you might ask for a referral to that person.)
  • Before ending a conversation, whether or not it produces a meeting, ask for referrals of others who may be of assistance to you.
  • Finally, but never to be forgotten is the thank you letter. Writing a thank you letter to those who assist you is not only a way to show your appreciation, but also to remind them of you and your job search.

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