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Although people are valuable during the job search, do not overlook the many other available resources.

The Career Services Center holds a wealth of information:

  • The World Wide Web has endless information and connections to job openings throughout the United States and abroad. Company home pages are helpful to obtain information about specific companies.
  • Career directories for varied fields contain names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. of companies, large and small.
  • Geographical directories include area-specific data for large US cities.
  • The Encyclopedia of Associations may help you to contact organizations pertaining to your career field. Newsletters and other publications may contain job openings.
  • The Company Information Files are helpful to research companies, especially those recruiting on-campus. You may find annual reports, financial reports and contact information.
  • Job Vacancy Binders contain publications whose purpose is to advertise job openings in various career fields. These publications are updated monthly or semi-monthly. You will also find job postings in these binders.
  • Job Fairs are held periodically throughout the year. Fitchburg State is a member of the Colleges of Worcester Consortium and they sponsor a large job fair every spring. We also receive invitations to large-scale job fairs held in large cities throughout the US. It may be worthwhile to travel to these fairs dining your winter or spring break.
  • Resume Referral is designed to connect students with companies who do not recruit on campus.
  • On-Campus Recruiting is available for all students of Fitchburg State University. Take advantage of this service.

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