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The Cover Letter - Sample Letter 10

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Follow-Up Letter for a Rejection (Block style)

Box xxxx
Fitchburg State University
Fitchburg, MA xxxxx

November 12,1999

Headmaster Hollow Way School
xxx Learners Lane
Collegeville, MA xxxxx


Thank you for your letter of November 10 informing me of your decision to offer the position of Math Instructor to another candidate. I am sure, as you indicated, that the applicant pool contained quite a few qualified candidates.

I would appreciate your keeping my credentials in your active file against the possibility of a future opening. I feel strongly that my background of three years of college tutoring in math qualifies me as a viable teaching candidate at your school. In addition, I was most impressed by the caliber of students at Hollow Way School, and the supportive academic environment.

I have enclosed another copy of my resume for your files, and will call your office in a few months to see if any other positions in my area have become available. Again, thank you and your staff for your consideration during the interview process. I look forward to meeting you again, and hopefully working with you in the future.



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