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The Cover Letter - Sample Letter 6

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Letter of Application with Personal Reference (Block style)

Box xxxx
Fitchburg State University 
Fitchburg, MA xxxxx

April 21, 1999

Ms. XXXXXX XXXXXXX Marketing Manager 
Pocket Books Publisher 
3001 Avenue of the Americas 
New York, New York xxxxx


In response to the job vacancy recently posted in the Career Services Office at Fitchburg State University, I would like to apply for the position of Publicity Assistant with Pocket Books.

My uncle, Mr. Elmer Fudd, whom I am told you have worked with on a number of philanthropic projects, recently spoke with me about your department's commitment to creative advertising techniques. Your efforts to connect with a wider variety of consumers through such programs as REACH are a great indication of your company's ability to innovate. I would like to be associated with such an energetic department. I am especially interested in the responsibilities described in the position vacancy. I believe my education, skills and experience, described in the enclosed resume, would enable me to become an effective member of the Pocket Books team.

My qualifications for a position in the advertising area of publishing are based on a combination of both education, skills and experience. I will be graduating in May from Fitchburg State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art. In addition to my Studio Art curriculum, I have taken several courses in marketing and design that are recommended for people interested in mass marketing. Both coursework and extracurricular experience--as Art editor of the Fitchburg Review, as promotions artist for Music Fitchburg, as a work/study student at the university public relations office for three years, and as an active member of the American Advertising Association--have helped me develop the necessary writing and speaking skills for a career in advertising.

I also have experience working for Waldenbooks, a book retailer, for the past three summers. In this job, I was able to interact with publishing company representatives and gain better understanding of the mass marketing industry from the publisher's viewpoint. My enclosed resume further outlines my skills and experience.

I look forward to discussing with you the contribution I can make to Pocket Books in the position of Publicity Assistant. I am available for an interview at your convenience. Thank you for your consideration.



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