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The Cover Letter - Sample Letter 5

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Letter of Introduction to A Campus Recruiter (Modified Block style)

Fitchburg State University Box xxxx
Fitchburg, MA xxxxx

February 15, 1999 x

Manager, College Recruiting
Continental Insurance Company
Box 1000
Baltimore, MD xxxxx

Dear Ms. XXXXX,

Upon hearing of your imminent visit to Fitchburg State University from Ms. XXXXX XXXXXX of the Career Services Office, I started investigating Continental Insurance Co. and decided that it is the place for me. My strong interest in a career in underwriting, along with Continental's continuing success and ambition has led me to believe that together we would have a promising future.

I am quite impressed with Continental's historical record of growth and, in particular, feel very comfortable with the "go get it' attitude. Having worked hard academically for the past four years, I am rather anxious to apply my abilities to the real world. I have found responsibility in a competitive atmosphere to be rewarding and quite satisfying. Thus, Continental is ideal for me.

As my resume suggests, I have taken part in extensive leadership during my stay at Fitchburg State University. This success has been due to what I see as my strengths: confident decision making backed by analytical problem solving as well as ambition for success and advancement. I should also like to point out the caw to which I can loam and teach others. This is an asset that should speed my integration into Continental.

I look forward to seeing you in March at which time I will be able to express my eagerness and enthusiasm more directly. Thank you very much for your time.

Sincerely Yours,


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