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The Cover Letter - Sample Letter 1

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Letter of Inquiry Seeking Job Vacancy (Block style)

xx Dutcher Avenue 
Hamsville, NH xxxxx

April 10, 2000

Mr. XXXXXX Station - Director of Operations 
Department of Transportation 
xxx Federal Street 
Washington, DC xxxxx

Dear Mr. Station: 
I am writing to you as part of my relocation process in the belief that someone in your position could be of valuable assistance to me. I found your name and a description of the Office of Operations' Activities while doing job-related research in the government section of the local college library. After looking at this material, I have concluded that your business interests and mine coincide.

As my enclosed resume will indicate, I have worked in various management positions for the past four years while at college. I have been responsible for several successful government and campus political fundraising and musical events, run for student government and, during the summers and while on two different internships, developed skills in public relations and customer service. My major in Political Science allowed me to focus on the impact of corporate contributions on senate votes and transportation bills.

I read several of your reports and articles- as part of my research, and learned of the Department of Transportation’s work in introducing Quality Circle concepts in DC operations. I am very familiar with QC theory and applications from my own work and, as I am interested in relocating to DC, wondered if you could use my skills.

I will be attending a meeting in Falls Church, VA in a few weeks and would welcome a chance to meet with you to explore any current or future openings with your department. I will call you next week to see if your calendar is open around then. I look forward to seeing you.



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