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Examples of Cover Letters

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Note: These are sample letters derived from actual letter. All personal information has been replaced with x's.

Letter of Inquiry Seeking Job Vacancy

Letter seeking appointment to gather information and discuss anticipated job openings in a particular company.

Letter of Inquiry for a Summer Job

Letter to former employer seeking assistance and information on internship or summer job opportunity within the community.

Letter in Response to an Ad

Sample advertisement with letter responding to request an interview for the position advertised. Writer provides evidence that his/her talents meet the requirements for the position advertised.

Letter in Response to a Job Posting

Response to a job posting at Career Services, stressing his experience and interests as matching those indicated in the advertisement.

Letter of Introduction to a Campus Recruiter

Cover letter accompanying a resume to a campus recruiter in which student uses the opportunity to introduce himself/herself prior to a possible interview.

Letter of Application with Personal Reference

Writer is responding to a job advertisement using a personal reference of someone known to himself/herself and the employer. He also stresses his personal knowledge of the company and its reputation.

Application Letter (Internship)

Letter applying for summer internship. Writer seeks to assure employer his experience & skills at the university are transferable to this internship position.

Application Status Check Letter/Resume Update

Letter requesting information on an application previously sent to an employer. Writer sends an updated copy of resume and requests information in order to make a timely decision.

Thank You Letter

Letter expressing appreciation for interview and enthusiasm for position for which he interviewed. Reemphasizes the qualities that make him a good candidate for the position.

Follow-Up Letter for a Rejection

Letter following job rejection, but offering future contact. Writer assures employer of his continued interest in the company.

Letter of Acknowledgment

Writer accepts position and also reviews salary and basic job responsibilities.

Rejection Letter

Write rejects a job offer and the reasons for doing so, but offers his appreciation for the interview.

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