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The Second Interview

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After completing the initial interview, you may be asked to come for a Second Interview, which is intended to go into more depth about the job position and your qualifications. While you may feel more pressure attending a second interview, it is important to relax and be as prepared as you were for the first interview. Since you have initially impressed the organization, it is now key to follow up by being decisive about what you want and also descriptive about your skills and abilities and how they relate to the position.

  • Re-assess your qualifications: why are you the best candidate for the job?
  • What specifically can you offer to this organization?
  • Which past experiences of yours relate well to this job?

The Second Interview will most likely involve meeting with several different people from the organization. You must clearly represent yourself with facts and clear illustrations of your abilities and how they will help your prospective employer. Give concrete examples of past performances that helps to show how qualified you are for this position. However, since you will be meeting with more than one person, you should keep in mind that they might have different interviewing styles. Remain focused and remember that your most important goal is to give examples of how your knowledge and abilities will benefit their organization. While the employer will be continuing to assess your fit for the job, remember that the Second Interview is an opportunity for you to explore and learn more about the organization. Expect to answer questions that will include sample work and other difficult "stress" questions, but remain relaxed and confident. Ask questions about specifics concerning your prospective job and the overall organization.

What employers are looking for in the Second Interview:

  • Clear examples of how you can benefit their organization.
  • Emotional maturity, self-esteem, and responsibility.
  • The ability to get along with others.
  • Organizational and time-management skills.
  • Enthusiasm and confidence - in yourself and for the job!

Remember that the same rules of etiquette apply to the Second Interview as to the first — make sure you record the names and titles of the people who interviewed you, and follow up your visit with a thank-you letter to each.

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