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Important General Information

Work Requests

During the course of their work shift staff routinely submit work requests for things that they recognize need to be done.

If you see something that needs to be repaired, or if you have a need for service from the Capital Planning & Maintenance Department, please fill out a Work Request.

The work request will then be processed. When the work is completed you will receive an email with a status notification. If you have any questions regarding work requests, please call extension 3115.

Keys and Locks

Keys and locks for all campus buildings or university property may be requested by submitting a Work Request through the Capital Planning & Maintenance Department. No one other than a Capital Planning & Maintenance employee is authorized to change or alter locks on any campus property. For accountability and security, keys must be returned to Capital Planning & Maintenance and may not be transferred from one person to another. Missing or stolen keys must be reported in person to the Public Safety office. They will assist you in requesting replacement keys.

Event Scheduling

To schedule an event on campus please contact the Office of Event Management. Browse the online event calendar to see what's happening around campus.

Contracted Projects

In order to accomplish a maintenance, repair, renovation, or new construction project by contract, there are some "rules of the road" we have to live by:

1. Capital Projects Funded With Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) Monies for Academic and Administrative Facilities:

In many cases, funds are transferred to Fitchburg State for complete project management by the Capital Planning & Maintenance Department for design, consultant (if needed), construction and construction oversight. These funds usually must be expended and projects completed within the current fiscal year. For most new construction, DCAM usually handles the entire process.

2. Capital Projects Funded With Mass State University Building Authority (MSCBA) or Residence Hall Facilities:

Capital Planning & Maintenance occasionally is tasked to design and manage projects, but most are completed through the MSCBA and their consultants.

3. Special Projects / Mission Projects / Department Projects:

Projects approved by the President and/or Vice Presidents that relate directly to the strategic plan. In most instances, these projects must also be completed within the fiscal year.

A department may elect to transfer funds to support a project that is important to them, or may have extra funds from other sources and want to accomplish a project. These projects must be accomplished within the current fiscal year. We advise that you contact our department prior to requesting funds for projects so that we may assist with technical and budgetary considerations.

Each year the window of opportunity is extremely limited by when the budgets are finalized and when funds are received.

We schedule our work as early as possible and are constrained to have all projects designed by the end of March. Therefore, we ask that departments with funded projects contact us as early as possible to assure that the work is accomplished.