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Opportunities for Student Involvement

The Fitchburg State University Police Department utilizes Fitchburg State University students during the school year in various ways. Students augment the police department in the protection of the university in the form of our Student Security Team and with the Fitchburg State University EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Team.

Student Security (SST) are students who work directly with the university armed police force and assist with Safety Escorts, Crowd Control, Light Checks, Emergency Call Box Checks and other security services. SST are unarmed but attend a basic training session in a quasi-academy setting.

Fitchburg State University EMS (FSU EMS) are students who volunteer their time to assist the Fitchburg State University Police Officers with medicals at the First Responder level. They also volunteer during major campus events like Move-In Day, Commencement and various University sponsored events during the school year.

These positions not only allow the department to maximize the service offered to the University community but allow students hand on experience that they could not get from classroom teaching alone.

To learn more about these opportunities, check out the links below: