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Motor Vehicle Concerns

If you are a Fitchburg State University Student, faculty, staff or other member of the university community, the Fitchburg State University Police provides numerous motor vehicle services for your convenience. Give us a call at (978) 665-3111 anytime or use an emergency call box and an officer will come to your location!

Parking/Guest Passes

The Fitchburg State University Office of Parking Services is open Monday through Friday and is the primary location to obtain all parking permits. However, if you are signing in a guest who will have a vehicle on campus and the Parking Office is closed, we can issue you an overnight pass. Please note that any vehicle parked on the main campus without a valid pass/permit will be ticketed. Guests and students are welcome to park at the Wallace Civic Center without a pass.

Disabled Motor Vehicle

Sometimes your vehicle needs a jump start. Sometimes the problem is not that simple and requires you to leave your vehicle on campus overnight. When this happens, Parking Services and the University Police can issue you a Disabled Motor Vehicle Pass until you are able to have the vehicle towed to your garage or mechanic.

Officer unlocking a car

Motor Vehicle Lock Outs

If you lock your keys in your car, an officer can assist with unlocking your vehicle. You must have a valid ID in hand to ensure that you are the owner of the vehicle before officers will unlock your vehicle.

Booster Packs

Booster pack

It’s no fun having a dead battery and it usually happens when you least expect it. No worries! The Fitchburg State University Police Department has booster packs in the station to loan out. If you are parked near the station, come on in with your One Card and we’ll be able to loan you one. If you are not near the station, call and an Officer will bring a booster pack to you!

Need a Tow

Need a tow and don’t have the number? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you the local number to AAA or a local tow company.


Winter in New England can be rough, especially when you are parked in a lot during a storm. We offer shovels for you to borrow from the station. Bring down your Fitchburg State OneCard and we will be happy to loan you a shovel.