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Liaison Program

Community Liaison Officer Program

The objective of our community liaison program is to partner a police officer, or police officers, with specific groups within the university community to achieve:

  • Designated contact persons to allow easy communication
  • A feeling of familiarity and comfort
  • Collaboration on community educational programs
  • Collaboration on identifying and addressing issues
  • Collaborations on staff training

If you would like to schedule or start a liaison program with your group, department or organization please contact Lieutenant William Fisher at or by completing this form.

Students presenting a "Thank you Campus Police" poster to two officers

Liaisons to Housing

The Police Department work closely with Housing and Residential Services in programs such as:

  • Alcohol Jeopardy
  • Cookies with Cops
  • Operation ID
  • Fatal Vision
  • And other programs in conjunction with the Resident Assistants!!!

Coffee/Cookies WITH COPS

Coffee/Cookies with Cops brings police officers and the community members they serve together, to discuss issues and build relationships by learning more about one another.

Operation Identification Program

To aid in the recovery of property should it be lost to crime, we suggest keeping records of all personal items of value. Record the serial numbers, model numbers, brand names and descriptions of property in a safe place or leave at home while at school. Engravers and forms are available from the Fitchburg State University Campus Police Department to mark personal property as a deterrent to theft.

Fatal Vision Goggles

Fatal Vision goggles are goggles that safely simulate the effects of alcohol and drug intoxication without actually using these substances. The different ways that these goggles can be integrated into community programming is endless. Some examples include:

  • Alcohol education jeopardy. Know the answer? Walk the line with goggles on to answer. Be careful you lose points for stepping off the line.
  • Walking Dead – A zombie attack obstacle course with goggles
  • Mocktails and sobriety testing.
  • Mario Kart tournament while wearing goggles.

Collaboration Efforts

University Police / Fitchburg Police Community Outreach Center

Located in the West Building of the Intermodal Center at 150 Main St.

Officers at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Community Outreach Center

The outreach center will be staffed at various times by members of both police departments. Among other planned activities for the site will be community education programming such as car seat fittings and CPR training for babysitters and first responders, as well as an area for residents to meet with officers.

“It is a fitting demonstration of the productive collaboration between our Campus Police and the Fitchburg Police Department. Working together, our entire community grows stronger.” ~ University President Richard S. Lapidus.