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Communication Division

The Communication Center of the Fitchburg State University Police Department plays a pivotal role in the operations of the Fitchburg State University Police Department and the campus as a whole. The center serves as both an Emergency Dispatch and afterhours point of contact for the university community. Located off the main lobby of the University Police Department, it is accessible from both the main Clinton Street Entrance and the more often used North Street Entrance located in the North Four Lot. The Communication Center and its dispatchers are the first point of contact for those who enter or call the station and are ready to assist you.

Fitchburg State University Emergency Communications

Emergency Dispatch Center

Our Communication Center is similar to the 911 call center you may be familiar with when you call your local police department. When you call the station on the main line ((978)-665-3111) you will be calling on a recorded line. Please be mindful that this line is also used in emergencies, so at times you may be placed on hold as other calls are being answered and dealt with in order of priority.

The dispatchers inside the Communication Center also answer a phone line dedicated and connected to every emergency callbox and elevator on campus. A third line is also set aside for confidential information and a fourth line, a cellular number, is used to contact Capital Planning and maintenance directly as well as members of the Department of Housing and Residential Services.

Along with the phone lines, dispatchers are responsible for monitoring four separate radio frequencies and scanning several more. One frequency is dedicated to the Fitchburg State University Police Officer operating in the field and takes precedent over all else. The second frequency is shared by the Department’s Student Security Team, Fitchburg State Emergency Medical Services, and the Mart Shuttle and is not used to transmit any information of confidential nature. Dispatchers also have the ability to contact Fitchburg Police and Fitchburg Fire directly by radio on their respective frequencies if an emergency situation arises that requires them to do so. Lastly, dispatchers monitor/scan the Massachusetts State Police and local police agencies in the area so that FSUPD officers can be better prepared to handle any situation that may occur in or around the campus environment.

Dispatchers also enter calls for service and/or police action in to a C.A.D. (computer aided dispatch) system which the officers can also view on their MDTs (Mobile Data Terminals) in the cruisers. It is through this system that both officers and dispatchers can share the specifics of a call and respond accordingly. This system is also tied into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Criminal History Board, Registry of Motor Vehicles, and other state systems that are utilized by law enforcement.

The Communication Center is truly the information hub of the department with the assistance of 10 computer monitors dedicated to the above referenced C.A.D. and C.J.I.S. (Criminal Justice Information System), as well as numerous other computer systems. Two of the most important systems are the Indigo Vision System and the B.A.S.I.S. system.

The Indigo Vision System allows dispatchers to monitor most of the lots, commonly used public common areas, and residential entryways on campus. This system utilizes both fixed and “point zoom” cameras. Areas on campus that are monitored by this system are clearly identified and the cameras are all conspicuously placed.

The B.A.S.I.S. system serves three main purposes. The first is to alert the dispatchers of an activated fire or trouble alarm on campus, the second is to control door access around campus, and the third is general access control.

The Fitchburg State University Police is proud of our Communication Center and how it assists with keeping our officers and the university community safe.

The interior of the Communication Center

Afterhours Point of Contact

When the regular campus offices are closed, our 24/7 Communication Center can still be reached by dialing 978-665-3111. Our dispatchers can assist in the following ways:

  • Contact Housing to assist in Room lock outs
  • Contact Maintainers for nonresidential lock out and room access
  • Contact Capital Planning and Maintenance/Grounds for various concerns and issues
  • Coordinate with the MART Shuttle
  • Pick up and drop off location for Fitchburg State van keys
  • Overnight parking/guest passes
  • Lost and Found
  • A variety of other non-traditional police functions