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ALFA Food for Thought


Arctic Adventures in Iceland and Greenland
Eric Vickery
Tuesday, March 27, 2018; 2:30 PM
Ellis White Lecture Hall, Hammond Hall
Free and Open to the Public!

Spend an hour with Lunenburg, MA resident and photographer Eric Vickery who will be sharing his passion for the outdoors and environment by presenting a multi-media presentation on the incredible beauty and importance of Peri-Arctic regions.

As an adventure and travel photographer, Eric joined photographers from ten other countries on a winter visit to the South coast of Iceland to experience ice caves, auroras and glaciers.  Photographic experiences on this trip enabled working with and contributing to “The Artic Arts Project” whose mission is to inspire with a visual response to climate change and to see the world differently.

Continuing association with the Arctic Arts Project, Eric journeyed to Scoresby Sound in East Greenland with another photographic team on the Schooner “Donna Wood” to experience the raw existence of the remote landscapes and Inuit settlements.   Eric provided support for aerial perspective with drone video and still photography.

It is with a combination of the art and science that we can begin to understand the important role these play in the stability and health of the region and planet.    The intense beauty, immense scale and sense of wonder can be a motivator to think about how involved we will become in our stewardship of peri-Arctic region and planet as globalization and politics also change in accelerating ways.

An ALFA 2017-2018 Grande Finale

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Hammond Hall
Suggested Parking:  Civic Center and shuttle to the Hammond Building
OR North Street Lots 1 & 2 - Carpooling is encouraged!
Free and Open to the Public!

The Shirley Pick Spring Series presents….
World Tales
Randy Armstrong and Genevieve Aichele
11 a.m. in the Hammond Hall Main Lounge

The Shirley Pick Spring Series is pleased to bring back World Music’s Randy Armstrong accompanied by storyteller, Genevieve Aichele presenting World Tales,  an award-winning performance of storytelling, music and movement Randy is already familiar to many who requested a return performance after his last visit to Fitchburg State University.  Genevieve, a theater artist and director, storyteller, playwright, and teacher often performs as part of the Armstrong & Aichele duo.

12:00 p.m. Luncheon
There will be an optional post-performance luncheon to follow for an additional $10. Please register for the lunch by April 10.

Food for Thought presents….
A Search for Justice
Stephen Collins
1:15 p.m. in Hammond Hall’s Ellis White Lecture Hall

Actor, Teacher-Lecturer and Tour Guide Stephen Collins will treat us to a one-man show.  Mr. Collins' performances deliver not just the poetry and plays, but they bring poets and playwrights to life on the stage. His shows also convey an understanding of the impact and the reactions of the characters to their respective times, giving the audience not just a performance, but an experience.

This performance piece will examine issues of social, political and religious justice. What is Justice? Can it be defined, or is it just an abstract concept? What is Truth? How do leaders both political and religious use language to motivate people? Is violent action ever justified when all else fails? Is there such a thing as a just as opposed to unjust war?

In this piece you will hear the words of the Abolitionist Editor William Lloyd Garrison. John Brown will tell you why he resorted to violence. Lincoln will deliver his oration at Gettysburg, the words that remade America. Thomas Hardy and other writers will comment on war and religion in “A Search for Justice”