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Trouble with Web4?

For all Login problems, please contact the Fitchburg State University Help Desk.

Trouble with the AlcoholEdu site?

For 24/7 Online Technical Support, click on the Help button located in the upper right hand corner of every screen in the AlcoholEdu course. Select the "Request Support Tab" for more contact options.

Need to retake the exam?

Login to Web 4, and select the AlcoholEdu link to access the course. This will take you to My AlcoholEdu. From the course results box in the upper left corner, click "exam retake required."

Trouble viewing the course media?

  1. Select “Audio Only” for the Media Option on the MEDIA SETTINGS page (Media Settings link is in the upper right hand corner of the AlcoholEdu screen).
  2. Do not play music or run video clips on your computer (CD, MP3s, other websites, etc.) while viewing the course.
  3. Try another browser. We support Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  4. Do not have any other programs or applications running on your computer while viewing the course (including applications such as Instant Messenger, or music file sharing – Kazaa, Audiogalaxy, etc.)
  5. Log in at a campus lab or library as opposed to your residence hall for a faster Internet connection.
  6. Access the course at a different time of day (during non-peak hours, i.e. morning).
  7. Do not use your wireless connection. Connect directly to the Internet for a faster Internet connection.

Audio Settings – Enabling Closed Captioning

Issue: You want to enable the closed captioning option in AlcoholEdu.

Solution: Perform the following steps:

  • Log into AlcoholEdu and click Return to where I left off in the course.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click MyAlcoholEdu on the left side of the page.
  • Select Course Settings.
  • Below Media Settings is a box which states: Click here to enable closed captioning.
  • Close the MyAlcoholEdu window.
  • Refresh your screen.

NOTE: If you get an error “Caption list not found…” we apologize for the inconvenience. There are a few areas within the course where some closed captioning is not visible. We are currently working on this issue. If your deadline is approaching, it is still possible to watch the slides and move on in the course. If you are using closed captioning because of a hardware issue, we encourage you to find a computer with speakers. Again, we are very sorry for this inconvenience.