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What is AlcoholEdu for College?

AlcoholEdu for College offers a confidential, personalized experience for each student. The course includes:

  • 5 modules of alcohol-related content
  • Personalized feedback
  • Interactive exercises

The average time to complete Part 1 is 3 hours; Part 2 is 15 minutes. (See Deadlines sections\ for additional information.)

All of your responses are completely confidential!!! The university will only receive aggregate information!

Course Availability

The course is now available. Login through Web4 and take the class.

For More Information

  • Visit EverFi's website at
  • Return to the webpage often for updates
  • Email us at

Instructions for Taking the AlcoholEdu Course

Technical requirements

To take AlcoholEdu for College, you will need a computer with Internet access and audio capabilities. Your internet connection needs to be a broadband or at least 56K access, along with Flash Player 7 or later. We advise you to have all other programs or applications turned off, including music and video clips from Instant Messaging. If you do not have these system requirements at home, please checkout your local library, Kinko's, or cyber cafe for internet access. Also, see the Student Troubleshooting guide for more information.

To begin AlcoholEdu for College:

Information Coming Soon!