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Renowned artist to create public art downtown

Posted 06/10/14

Celebrated artist Caleb Neelon will be the second of three artists to create a public artwork in downtown Fitchburg as part of the Main Street Arts Project (MAP). Neelon will be in Fitchburg June 23-30 to create his mural on the side of The Arc of Opportunity building at 564 Main St.

This project is made possible through an Our Town grant for creative placemaking from the National Endowment for the Arts. The city of Fitchburg, the Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg State University and MART have partnered with The Arc of Opportunity to bring Neelon to the city.

Neelon, from Cambridge, is an internationally renowned artist and author.

“I’m thrilled to be coming to Fitchburg,” Neelon said. “I’ve had the chance to paint all over the world, but projects in my home state of Massachusetts are always special to me.”

Neelon’s ability to connect with local community members fuels his creative process and produces long-lasting memories and experiences for those involved.

The location of the mural will bring a new vibrancy to downtown Fitchburg adding color and expression to the blank wall on the side of The Arc of Opportunity building.

“Caleb’s work shouts of joy, energy and community,” said Arc of Opportunity President and CEO Mary Heafy. “We are delighted to involve the individuals and families we support in creating the artwork.”

This will be the second public artwork created for downtown Fitchburg through the NEA’s Our Town grant program. The first Main Street Arts Project was Nora Valdez’s sculpture The Immigrant, which was completed last year. Neelon’s mural will be completed in time for this year’s Civic Days celebration on July 3 which honors the City of Fitchburg’s 250th anniversary.

Fitchburg Art Museum Director Nick Capasso said he was “thrilled to be able to bring the work of world renowned contemporary muralist Caleb Neelon to Fitchburg. The installation of public art on Main Street through the efforts of community partnerships is what the Our Town grant from the NEA is all about.”

For more information about Caleb Neelon, visit his website.

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