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CenterStage exhibit explores “semantic satiation”

Posted 10/31/17

Balloon by Michael DarcyFitchburg State University CenterStage invites you to experience a new exhibit that inspires the viewer to look at the familiar from a new perspective. The work of artist Michael Darcy will be on display in the Gallery at Sanders in the Sanders Administration Building, 300 Highland Ave., through the coming year.

Darcy’s exhibit is inspired by the psychological phenomenon of “semantic satiation,” in which repeating a word causes it to lose meaning and transforms it into a foreign sound; the same effect is reproduced visually through Darcy’s photography and mixed media pieces that are featured in the gallery.

Darcy is a 2014 Fitchburg State graduate, and was identified by faculty as a talented artist whose work was worthy of exhibition in a public gallery. For artists looking to show their work in professional galleries, framing their work is a considerable expense. The Alumni Association sponsored the framing for this exhibit, inviting Darcy to build a body of work to feature in the gallery that Darcy will be able to bring anywhere after this year’s show.

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