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Faculty Directory » Peter Laytin

Communications Media

Office Hours:

Semester: Fall 2019
Wednesday 12:30pm - 1:50pm
Thursday 3:30pm - 4:50pm

Office Information:

Room Number: Conlon Hall 315
Phone: 978.665.3541

Courses Taught:

History of Photography (COMM 2400)
Photo I (COMM 3600)
Photo II (COMM 3610)
Photo III (COMM 3620)
Large Format Photography (COMM 3630)
Color Photography (COMM 3640)
Digital Photography (COMM 3645)
Photography Seminar (COMM 3690)


M.A.H., SUNY Buffalo
B.A., University of Wisconsin Madison

Research Interests:

Infrared Photography

Current Projects:

I am working with various digital infrared cameras and organizing work shot on my sabbatical.

Representative Publications:

Laytin, P. (2001). Creative Camera Control (3rd ed.). Waltham, MA: Focal Press.

Professional Affiliations:

PRC - Photographic Resource Center
SPE - Society for Photographic Education​