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Development Day - January 17, 2019

"Inclusion, Equity and Student Success through Advising and Mentoring"


"Espino-Zambrana Formal Mentoring" - An article from the keynote speaker, Dr. Debra J. Perez

Achieving Equity & Inclusion: One Institution at a Time (PDF)
Dr. Debra Perez, Senior Vice President of Organizational Culture, Inclusion & Equity
Simmons University


Anatomy of Advising: Case Studies (PDF)
Ms. Susan Beddes, Ms. Lindsay Carpenter-Connors, Ms. Shayne Koplowitz, and Mr. Andrew Linscott
Academic Advisors / Coaches, Career Counseling and Advising Center

Strategies fro Managing a Large Graduate Advisee Load (PDF)
Dr. Daneen Deptula, Professor, Psychological Science

Using Technology in Advising (PDF)
Dr. Michael Hove, Assistant Professor, Psychological Science
Dr. Aisling O'Connor, Assistant Professor, Biology/Chemistry
Ms. Pamela McCafferty, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research & Planning

Fostering a Sense of Belonging through Advising (PDF)
Dr. Lyndsey Benharris, Assistant Professor, Education
Dr. Katharine Covino-Poutasse, Assistant Professor, English Studies

Applying a Growth Mindset in Advising (PDF)
Dr. Nermin Bayazit, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Dr. Lena Ficco, Assistant Professor, Psychological Science
Dr. J.J. Sylvia IV, Assistant Professor, Communications Media

Balancing Task-Oriented Advising with Relationship-Oriented Advising (PDF)
Ms. Susan Beddes, Academic Advisor/Coach, Career Counseling & Advising Center
Dr. William Cortezia, Assistant Professor, Education

Meeting Students Where They Are (PDF)
Dr. Laura Garofoli, Professor, Psychological Science

Strategies for Managing a Large Advisee Load (PDF)
Dr. Marcel Beausoleil, Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Deon Brock, Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences

Advising at Risk Students: Identifying Non-Academic Barriers (PDF)
Dr. Nancy Murray, Associate Professor, Education

Advising First Generation Students (PDF)
Mr. Jason Smith, Director of Expanding Horizons
Ms. Elizabeth Swartz, Career/Peer Mentor Counselor, Expanding Horizons

Strategies for Advising a Diverse Student Body (PDF)
Dr. Janna Heiligenstein, Assistant Professor, Education