Employment Opportunities

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Along with providing a home away from home for Fitchburg State students, the Hammond Campus Center offers employment opportunities for over forty students every semester. A job in the Office of Student Development or the Campus Center is unlike any other job. Students working in the HCC take on tremendous responsibility and demonstrate incredible leadership skills. Employment in the Campus Center puts students in a position that allows them to be deeply involved in campus activities and programs while gaining important life skills. Each of the following Campus Center areas is run entirely by a student staff supervised by the Office of Student Development’s Assistant Director of Student Development and Operations.

Employees are hired on the basis of financial need, ability, skills and experience. The Hammond Campus Center and Office of Student Development recently transitioned to a digital-only application process. Applications are kept on file for one year and reviewed as positions become available in the Campus Center.


A student employee working at a Mac computer

Student Employment Areas

Volunteer Center

The Volunteer allows our students a way to give back to the community through volunteer work. They organize everything from dances at local nursing homes to holiday parties for the children of the neighborhood.


The Gameroom is a student-run area where any student with a OneCard can enjoy pool tables, air hockey, table tennis, video games, and more. Gameroom staff is responsible for the operations of the Gameroom.

Office Staff/Student Design Center

Students working in the Student Development Office assist visitors to campus, answer questions, and do office tasks. Additionally, Office Staff oversees the Student Design Center, which is located off of the Student Development Office. It is an area for student clubs and organizations to make publicity or work on projects for upcoming events or meetings. The room is equipped with paints, glue, markers, pencils, construction paper, rolls of large paper and almost every art supply imaginable. Working in this area includes assisting Professional Staff with other projects around the Campus Center as well as maintaining organization in the Student Design Center.

The Information Desk

The Information Desk is a student-run area that provides information about activities scheduled on campus and in the community. Tickets to most upcoming Student Development sponsored events and discount movie passes can be purchased here. The Campus Concierge is also regulated through this area by student staff.

Events Services

Students working as Event Services Staff are responsible for room set-ups and media tech work for events taking place in the building. The Events Services Staff is also responsible for assisting at campus events that may require technical assistance.

Commuter Assistants

The Commuter Assistants are responsible for running the Commuter Affairs Program, which strives to provide a successful university experience for all commuter students. Commuter Assistants organize events, publish The Commuter Connection newsletter, and act as a resource to all commuter students.

Falcon Hub Pub

The Falcon Hub is one of the most popular event locations on campus. During certain events, a limited bar operates under strict supervision for those students over twenty-one years of age. Students working in the Underground are TIPS certified and are responsible for serving and the security of the Pub.

Student Management Positions

Equal opportunity will be given to all employees to apply for other positions when they become available. Employees are encouraged to work towards promotions towards higher positions. Current employees are given consideration for all openings before new applicants are considered.

Operations Assistant

This employee works with the assistant director of Student Development and Operations.  They ensure that the building itself and the equipment is up to date in all areas. They are in charge of work orders, the structural safety of the building and working with the Assistant Director to assess equipment. The Operations Assistant also tracks student employee attendance and assists the Building Managers to coordinate meetings and supplement their duties.

Building Managers

These student managers are on duty from open until close, and on the weekends. They are responsible for the operation and security of the entire Campus Center in the absence of the professional staff. This responsibility includes supervising all other student employees working in the building, as well as the security of the building itself.

Area Managers

Each area of the Campus Center has a lead employee that does the following:

  • Takes charge of bringing the area together to work as a team
  • Schedules employees
  • Handles problems within the area
  • Supervises the employees in their area

Hours Worked

Student Employees cannot work more than:

  • 20 hours per week
  • 8 hours in a day
  • 6 straight hours without a break

Student Employees are entitled to a 15 minute break after 4 hours.

Job Descriptions