Apr 17

Community Read Event: "Red Dancers: Art Emerging from the Darkness"

1:00pm - 2:30pm

About This Event

Cover of Underland by Robert MacFarlane

Our Community Read of Underland by Robert MacFarlane continues with university faculty leading a virtual discussion of the book’s eighth chapter. “Red Dancers: Art Emerging from the Darkness” will be hosted virtually by the Leominster Public Library, one of the university’s Community Read partners. To attend the discussion please register in advance at https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0rde6vqj0sH9MGnVWji_hAXnu-K9k9F5L6

About the Program

This event features Professors Sarah Bromberg, Sally Moore, and Jessica Robey, all of the Humanities Department.

Robey will provide an overview of the discovery of prehistoric cave art and its reception in the 20th century. We'll look at how these earliest examples of culture lead to a reassessment of what it means to be human.

Moore will give an overview of the role of the shaman in tribal society, discuss the inward vs outward journey, and will present examples of her own shamanic masks as well as those of her students.

Bromberg will present an overview and analysis of cave art imagery, particularly prehistoric cave art in France and Norway, with photographs.  She'll discuss her students' sketching of cave paintings as a means to developing their own observations and interpretations of these ancient masters.

This event is sponsored by the Leominster Public Library's Eliane and Maurice Tonkin Memorial Fund. 

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