Responsibilities of Clubs and Organizations

Student with a poster for the Economics Club


All clubs and organizations must submit the following at the start of each academic year:

  • A Student Club and Organization Registration Form
  • A copy of the current constitution
  • Completed hazing compliance forms

All forms must be updated when new officers are elected or a new advisor is chosen. A current constitution must be on file with the Office of Student Development.


Clubs and organizations must have the following:

  • Fitchburg State undergraduate students as its members
  • Full-time undergraduate students in good academic standing as its officers
  • A statement of purpose, which is in accordance with the mission of the University

Additionally, all clubs and organizations must follow these guidelines:

  • All federal, state and local laws must be followed.
  • All clubs and organizations must attend the mandatory SGA and Office of Student Development sponsored Club and Organization Training, held each September. This is open to all members of executive boards, and is required for all presidents and treasurers
  • Club Senate meets twice a month (1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month) at 4pm. It is mandatory for the vice president from each club and organization to attend every meeting. Each person can only represent one (1) club or organization even if they belong to several different groups.


Financial Services must be used for the administration of all university-approved funds and funds raised both on and off campus.

Prohibited Behavior

Membership must not practice any physically or psychologically abusive behaviors, either intentionally or unintentionally.


A full-time faculty or staff member must act as advisor. Their role will be mutually determined by the group and advisor and must be consistent with the expectations outlined here.


The mailbox in the SGA office must be checked regularly to ensure that all official correspondence is received and answered.


The act of recognition implies that a club or organization obligates itself to abide by all the rules and regulations of the University pertaining to student clubs and organizations. These rules and regulations are specified throughout the Student Handbook and other University publications.

Members and officers agree to comply with all rules and regulations of the University and recognize that violation of any university policies or interference with university functions is grounds for disciplinary action for both the organization and its members.

Recognition or the ability to use the name “Fitchburg State" does not imply or indicate Fitchburg State's sponsorship or approval of the activities of the organization.