Privileges of Recognized Student Organizations

FSU cheerleaders

The following are some of the benefits and privileges that are extended to all registered Fitchburg State student clubs and organizations in good standing with both the University and Office of Student Development. A failure to maintain recognition through formal registration may result in suspension of any or all of these benefits and privileges.

  • To reserve all on-campus facilities through the Office of Student Development
  • To be listed and publicized as an officially recognized club or organization through the Office of Student Development
  • To have approved events listed on the campus calendar and other campus publications
  • To have authorized publicity posted in approved posting areas
  • To apply for storage or office space in the Hammond Building
  • To use the Fitchburg State name as part of the club or organization name
  • To apply for and receive funding through the Student Government Association (see Student Organization Finance section)
  • To be assigned a university mailing address as well as a mailbox in the SGA office
  • To gain access to club or organization web space
  • To participate in club and organization fairs
  • To have an advisor
  • To receive help, advice, and assistance from the Office of Student Development
  • To have access to lists from which you can print labels for students, staff, or faculty
  • The right to solicit (fundraise) on campus
  • The use of SGA services
  • To sponsor programs and activities
  • Access to the discipline systems
  • Use of the Financial Services office services