Residential Network Usage

The residential network (hereafter referred to as "Resnet") at Fitchburg State University (hereafter referred to as "Fitchburg State") allows residents of University resident halls and apartments to access network resources from their room. This policy will guide users in the acceptable use of these systems at Fitchburg State. This policy compliments the Fitchburg State Acceptable Usage Policy and the Fitchburg State Student Code of Conduct. It identifies specific activities that are prohibited. Usage of Resnet resources assumes acceptance and compliance with these policies.

General Principles

The Resnet at Fitchburg State provides a gateway to applications, servers, electronic messaging and the Internet to our students in support of the University's mission of education, research and public service. By connecting to the Resnet, you assume personal responsibility for their appropriate use and agree to comply with this policy, other applicable University policies as well as Commonwealth and Federal laws and regulations.

Fitchburg State recognizes the importance of copyright and other protections afforded to the creators of intellectual property. Users are responsible for making use of software and other information technology resources in accordance with copyright and licensing restrictions and applicable University policies. Using information technology resources in a manner violating these protections, or furthering the unauthorized use or sale of protected intellectual property, is prohibited.

Fitchburg State cannot protect individuals against the receipt of potentially offensive material. Those who use electronic communications occasionally may receive material that they might find offensive. Those who make personal information available about themselves through the Internet or other electronic media may expose themselves to potential invasions of privacy.

There are many users who share this resource, and respect for the rights and needs of others is central to this policy. Accordingly, the following activities are strictly prohibited:

  • Downloading or sharing copyrighted material without the express consent of the copyright owner. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • MP3 files
    • Movies
    • Licensed software
  • Accessing (or attempting to gain access to) systems without the owners' consent.
  • Eavesdropping or capturing packets not intended for that system.
  • Scanning other systems for open ports or vulnerabilities.
  • Operating network services including, but not limited to:
    • DHCP
    • SMTP
    • FTP
    • DN
    • IRC
    • HTTP
  • Using Resnet resources for commercial purposes
  • Installing or operating a wireless access point, antenna or router. Unfortunately, there are a very limited range of frequencies available for these systems to use and personal devices may interfere with the University system.
  • Using a name that makes a system appear to be a university-owned or operated device
  • Using offensive or profane language in the system name
  • Changing the physical (MAC) address to conceal the system's identity
  • Sending or relaying unsolicited bulk email messages
  • Making or attempting to make an audio or video recording of any person(s) in a residence hall where there is an expectation of privacy with respect to nudity and/or sexual activity without the knowledge and consent of all participants subject to such recordings.
  • Any other activity that disrupts the operation of Resnet


The Help Desk will assist residents in connecting their computers to the Resnet. Supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows XP/Vista and above (excluding server operating systems) and Mac OS X (10.4 and 10.5). Every attempt will be made to assist with non-English versions of supported operating systems. The system's owner must be available to provide translations of any system messages and configuration screens.

The computer's operating system must have all applicable security patches applied. Microsoft and Macintosh systems must have McAfee or Symantec Antivirus installed with current virus definitions and automatic updating turned on. This software is provided free of charge at the Help Desk.

The Help Desk will provide diagnostic network support for residents' computers, provided they meet the requirements listed above. The resident may be required to supply a valid install CD for the PC's operating system. The Help Desk technician will attempt to repair the system using all reasonable care but cannot be held responsible for any resulting loss of data or functionality. The Help Desk will not support operating systems which have been illegally copied. The Help Desk reserves the right to refuse to work on any PC or associated hardware or software for any reason.

Any peer-to-peer file sharing software will be removed by Help Desk technicians when systems are repaired or serviced in any way.


If a violation of these or other University policies occur on the Resnet, access will be removed and the violator directed to the Office of Student Conduct, Mediation and Education before access will be restored. Repeat offenses may result in a permanent removal of access and/or expulsion. Any criminal activity will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency.