Teaching Remotely: Expectations and Resources

Will you hold synchronous class sessions? 

Students will log in at the appointed day and time and you will deliver lecture and course content “live” through a web conferencing tool such as Google Meet and by use of Google Chat to create a conversation, message or room with your class, 

*If you are an experienced Zoom user you may use same. Please note however, the University will support and provide training for Google Meet.


  • Your students will have regularly scheduled access to you and to their classmates.
  • Your lecture can be delivered live, rather than requiring you to pre-record and upload it. 
  • Group conversations and activities are potentially easier to facilitate in real time.
  • When using  Google Meet to hold class, the session can be recorded and uploaded so students who missed, or students who want to review will have access.


  • Each student will need a reliable internet connection and a distraction free place to join class.
  • Students without a laptop or tablet may attend class via smartphone (this might be fine for a lecture, but could complicate participation in group activities and homework

Will you hold asynchronous classes?

You will upload pre-recorded lecture video/audio files and text-based course materials. Your students will log in to Blackboard and complete assignments when their schedule permits.


  • Students can choose a time that meets their needs to focus on their classwork.
  • You can offer “virtual office hours” at your normal class time. Students can work on their own, will know they can log into Google Meet and have access to you to receive help or clarification if they need it. 
  • Class discussions and activities can still take place through the discussion boards in Blackboard. Many of your students may be more active in the discussion boards than they are in person because the asynchronous environment allows them time to process the questions and think through their answers before contributing.


  • Some students find it challenging to stay motivated and active in an asynchronous online class. 
  • It can feel like more work for faculty to prepare the online content ahead of time