Library Support and Resources

Library Support

Librarians are available to support you in your online classroom work. The Library's Continuation Instructor Resource Guide contains information on how to embed library resources directly into your courses, including streaming films, ebooks and more.

Librarians are ready to help, so please contact them:

Information about Library Services during this period is available in the Library's Continuation Guide. Questions and concerns can be sent to Jackie Kremer.

Sample Assignments Using Library or Open Resources

General Note: For the most up-to-date information about Library services and collections, please visit the Continuity of Library Services guide at

Using Kanopy Films 

Identify a Kanopy film relevant to your course.  Ask students to view the film/documentary and respond to a set of questions.

Sample Questions

  1. What did you learn by viewing this documentary that you didn't know before?
  2. What contribution did the film make to study of [insert course/topic covered]?
  3. Did anything in the film surprise you? Was anything familiar?
  4. If you could ask anyone in the film a  question, whom would you ask and what would you want to know?


Using Case Studies within a Discussion Forum

Ask students to read a case study relevant to the course.  Either individually or in groups, students can outline the issues and make a recommendation on how to resolve the problems.


Library Instruction in an Online Environment

If you are teaching a 1000 level course with a minor research assignment, consider assigning the Library Research 101 tutorials. These are available on the library’s website and can be completed online.


Using Open Pedagogy to Create Exam Questions 

Ask students to create multiple choice questions for chapters covered in the course. Engaging with course material in this manner can create a deeper understanding of content.

How it Works

  1. Assign students to different chapters or have students submit questions for every chapter.
  2. Have students write for each assigned chapter. Questions can be factual (definition) or applied (scenario based). Each question should include the correct answer and 3 plausible answers.