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Annual Reporting Measures

Impact on P-12 learning and development-Teacher Completer Student Growth Percentiles

  • Data not yet available, coming soon.

Institutional Graduation Rates

Indication of our teaching effectiveness and Satisfaction of employers -Fitchburg State University completer teacher evaluation data

Licensure Information- MTEL Pass Rates/Title II

Employment milestones- Principal Survey Data and Employment Retention Rates of Completers

  • Principal Survey Results from the MA Department of Education 2016: Data Not yet available, coming soon.
  • Employment Information:

Hiring Districts/Completer Numbers

Satisfaction of completers

  • Exit Survey Aggregate Results 2016-2017

Student Loan Information and Massachusetts Teaching Salaries

2008-2009 Annual Institution Report
2007-2008 Annual Institution Report
2006-2007 Annual Institution Report
2004-2005 Annual Institution Report