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Alumni Association Committees

We are always looking for alumni to join committees that advance the specific goals of the Alumni Association. You do not need to be a Board member to serve on a committee, and many volunteers choose to test the waters on a committee before applying for Board membership. It is a great way to meet the people who are the driving force of the Alumni Association and to make a difference in your own particular field of interest at Fitchburg State. Below is a brief description of the mission of each of the current committees, along with the contact information for the committee chairs.

Engagement Committee

Chair: TBD,
Proposes and plans reunions, campus alumni events, and regional alumni events and activities. All programs and events are paid for by the Alumni Association either directly or through ticket sales, but committee members often assist in cost management by providing valuable vendor contacts and soliciting group rates or discounts on behalf of the Alumni Association. Committee members also help by serving as or recruiting hosts of various regional alumni get-togethers and by promoting attendance at both free and ticketed alumni events.

Committee is also active in recruiting and utilizing alumni volunteers to support both the university and association missions. The committee actively works with Alumni Office and university staff to recruit alumni volunteers for: advocacy, admissions, recruitment, career services, campus tours, mentoring outreach, and advocacy for the university.

Committee also creates programs and events that encourage early and ongoing participation in the Alumni Association and that raise awareness of the Alumni Association among current Fitchburg State students. Examples include welcoming graduating students into the Alumni Association by hosting social and career networking events, welcoming incoming freshmen and their parents to the Fitchburg State community by hosting regional summer send-offs and participating in orientation or move-in days, and participating in events that bring alumni back to campus to interact with current students academically, socially, and athletically.

Awards Committee

Chair: TBD,​
An engraved glass awardCollects and reviews nominations and selects recipients of the awards administered by the Alumni Association. This includes the Alumni Achievement Award, the Alumni Leadership Award, the Alumni Recognition Award, the Alumni Service Award, and the Booster Award. Go to our awards page for a full description of each award.

The Awards Committee now encompasses the Miller Awards Committee that collects and reviews nominations and selects recipient of the Miller Award, established in 1955 in honor of Joel D. Miller, a state senator, member of the State Board of Education, and one of the three founders of the State Normal School in Fitchburg. This award is presented to an alumnus/a who is recognized as an outstanding teacher. Go to our awards page for a full description of this award.

Mara Excellence in Teaching Award Committee

Chair: Nick Smith '11,
Collects and reviews nominations and selects recipient of the Mara Excellence Award. The award was established in 1989 to recognize excellence in university teaching in honor of former president Vincent J. Mara. $3,000 is awarded to a full-time, tenured member of the Fitchburg State University faculty, selected by past Mara awardees in conjunction with the Alumni Association's Mara Excellence Award Committee.

Nominating Committee

Chair: Jim Walsh '75,
Recruits new members to the Alumni Association Board of Directors and presents nominations for membership to the Board. The Nominating Committee also recommends a member of the Board of Directors to serve as the Alumni Association representative to the Board of Trustees.

Scholarship Committee

Nicholas Smith '11 with scholarship recipientChair: John Garten '89,
Collects and reviews nominations and selects recipients of the scholarships administered by the Alumni Association. This includes the Alumni Legacy Scholarship, the Class of 1942 Scholarship, the Class of 1953 Scholarship, the Class of 1954 Scholarship, the Class of 1955 Scholarship, the Class of 1967 Scholarship, the Daniel J. Sullivan Scholarship, the Mary F. and Mary Francis Burnham Scholarships, and the Philip J. Tardanico Scholarship. Go to our scholarships page for a full description of each scholarship.