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Viviana Suavita

Heather Thomas

BA Marist College
Major: Communications, PR & Journalism

Minor: Fashion Marketing

Hola! I am the newest team member to the Fitchburg State University admissions office and I’m very excited to be here! I graduated high school in Ayer, MA- right down the road from Fitchburg. I am truly amazed at the impressive changes the university has undergone from my days of growing-up in the area. My love for helping students began at my alma mater’s undergraduate admissions office where I held a work study position and saw, first hand, the time, patience and work that an admissions team puts into making sure students feel like their institution is the right “fit”. As admissions counselors, we want you to love and be proud of your school!

My role in the office is to focus, specifically, on Diversity Recruitment; a cause that I am extremely passionate about since I, myself, was a first-generation, American-born student. Although I was incredibly lucky to witness my father’s graduation from college while I was in high school, there were a lot of resources and options that my parents and I knew nothing about that could have made the college application experience much less stressful. I am looking forward to sharing the knowledge I’ve gained from working in several different types of higher ed institutions and helping you see the awesome opportunities Fitchburg State University offers its students. Also, yo hablo español!

I love spending my free time with my son who is starting kindergarten this year. We read, go to the movies, watch/play football-you name it! I am also a huge foodie and find happiness in discovering cheap and cool, new places to eat.