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Alexandra Cardinale

BS Fitchburg State University
Major: Communications Media, Film Production

MS Fitchburg State University
Major: Applied Communication

I became a part of Fitchburg State University (then College) back in 2003 as a fresh-faced freshman. Growing up in the city of Fitchburg, I of course knew about the school, but had no idea what lied beyond Main Street. One day I decided to take a tour of the Communications Media department (my chosen major)…okay, I admit it, my parents made me. But I couldn’t be more thankful they did! The friendliness of everyone I encountered, hearing about the exciting opportunities available outside of the classroom, and the clear devotion to student success had opened my eyes. I found my school.

Now, here I am, almost 10 years later. I have been lucky enough to work for Fitchburg State for the past seven years and have completed my second degree here – a Master’s in Applied Communication. With this information in mind, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of my favorite things about my job as a counselor is connecting with people! I particularly love working Open Houses. Seeing hundreds of new faces visit our campus brings such gratification not only as an employee of the university, but as an alumna. I remain proud of the education I received here and passionate about sharing this pride with the students of the future.

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled at school about a Fitchburg State presentation – that’s me! A large part of my job is visiting the high schools throughout Central MA to recruit future Falcons and also review applications of those who have applied. I also serve as the coordinator of Fitchburg State’s Mount Wachusett Institute Program and our Dual Enrollment Program.

But life’s not all about work, right? When I’m not in the office I enjoy reading, cooking, time with friends and family, traveling with my husband, and shopping… okay, I don’t just “enjoy” shopping, I love it. I also love old movies and Frank Sinatra… and talking… is it obvious I love talking?