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Special Education Moderate Disabilities (5-12)

Students within the Special Education Moderate Disabilities concentration may pursue initial teacher licensure as a Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (5-12) by completing a Special Education major and a second major in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDIS). In this concentration, students will learn the theory, research, and pedagogy necessary to teach students with moderate disabilities (5-12) through the Special Education major and develop interdisciplinary studies content knowledge through the IDIS major.

Throughout the program of study, students will complete several field-based experiences in special education and regular education settings, which will be supervised by University mentor teachers and/or University faculty supervisors. These field-based experiences will provide students with opportunities to observe and participate in classroom instruction that incorporates what students are learning in their educational pedagogy classes and what they are learning in their IDIS content courses.  Students will complete a formal practicum for their Special Education Moderate Disabilities major. This program meets the standards of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Students in this concentration will fulfill the requirements for the Special Education Moderate Disabilities major for students pursuing initial teacher licensure as a Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (5-12) as well as the core requirements of the IDIS major that is specific for education majors. The requirements for this major are as follows:

Courses for Special Education Moderate Disabilities (5-12) Major

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