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Cognitive Science Concentration

The Cognitive Science concentration is an interdisciplinary concentration for students interested in how perceptual, linguistic, reasoning, and emotive types of information are represented and transformed in nervous systems, machines, and minds. The concentration is designed to introduce a framework for studying cognition by introducing levels of analysis from low-level association and perceptual learning to high level linguistic processing and decision making. Students will become acquainted with the neurological underpinnings of cognition by learning about neural processing, circuit development, and global brain organization. Finally, students will study and consider philosophical frameworks that demonstrate how a scientific study of brain, mind, and behavior is possible.

A major in Psychological Science with a concentration in Cognitive Science requires 6 additional courses beyond the core requirements for the major, but which may count either as satisfying the Breadth Requirements or as Psychological Science electives.

Required courses:
PSY 2140 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY 3550 Cognition
BIOL 1900 General Biology II
BIOL 2025 Neuroscience

At least 2 of the following:
PSY 2810 Cognitive Development
PSY 2820 Perceptual Development
PSY 3420 Biological Psychology
PSY 3430 Perception
PSY 3500 Psychology of Learning
PSY 4200 Contemporary Theories of Mind

Curriculum Details, B.A.
Curriculum Details, B.S.

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