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Shadia Lahlou

Ms. Shadia Lahlou (Class of 2013)


Ms. Shadia Lahlou earned a Master of Science in Social Work degree from The University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Public Health degree from The University of Texas Health Science Center in 2016. Previously, she graduated from Fitchburg State University in May 2013 from the Honors Program with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science degree and minors in International Studies and Geography. She is originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Impact the University had on my career path:

As an undergraduate student at Fitchburg State University, my academic and extra-curricular experiences focused on government and policy through a social justice lens. I became particularly interested in health as a human right and the person-in-environment perspective. In addition to coursework, various internships and work experiences helped to cultivate my Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Palestinian Women and Determinants of Public Health: Education and Economic Empowerment in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Looking ahead, I am focused on working to protect and improve the health and well being of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.

Advice for Current and Prospective Political Science Students:

My advice to current and future students is to be open to different experiences, to create opportunities, to foster relationships, and to share strengths. In addition, my advice is to keep everything in perspective on the continuous path of personal growth and professional development.