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Anthony Cornacchia

Mr. Anthony Cornacchia (Class of 2012)


Mr. Anthony Cornacchia, Esq. - A 2012 graduate of the school, Anthony majored in Political Science and minored in Criminal Justice. Following his graduation, he attended New England Law Boston where he was a Dean's List student all three years. After finishing his judicial internship for U.S. District Court Judge Timothy S. Hillman, he settled into civil litigation and real estate law at a small firm in downtown Boston, Spallina Law Group. There he works as an Associate Attorney. In addition to his legal career, Anthony also is the owner of a small business, Catalyst Street Hockey, LLC.

Impact the University had on my career path:

Unlike most students who came into college without a preselected career path, I came into college with the idea that I ultimately wanted to attend law school and become an attorney. Fitchburg State, and more specifically the Political Science major, reaffirmed my love for the law. The fact that I had direct access to former attorneys who had entered the academic profession helped me greatly, because I was able to ask relevant questions in their classes that aided me in my first year of law school. Further, with relevant course offerings to the legal profession, I was able to familiarize myself with courses similar to those required in the first year of law school, which again aided me in my transition from undergrad to my first year of law school. Lastly, the guidance I received from my political science mentors (Dr. Spero and Dr. Weizer) was invaluable. Their supervision of my development, from a freshman to a senior, was invaluable to me. They pushed me toward classes that would aid in critical thinking and problem solving, skills which I now need to utilize and hone everyday. Political Science, and perhaps more importantly the faculty who make up the Political Science Department, had a positive and substantial impact on my career path.

Advice for Current and Prospective Political Science Students:

1. Jump into the classes and curriculum head first your freshman year. What I mean by this is simple, ask questions, formulate opinions on the subject matter, and share them with your class and professor. Political Science classes by their very nature and content should spark interesting and meaningful conversation. Our professors are so engaging and willing to listen, and guide you through the learning process, that there is no reason to not participate. If you are a freshman or sophomore in an upper level class, don't be intimidated and shy away from participating in important political science discussions.

2. Ask for help. Whenever I had an issue, I would turn to my mentors in the Political Science Department. Without fail, I was always led to a solution. Once you become a student in the Political Science major, just ask for help. These men and women in the Political Science Department have incredible life experiences that they can draw from to assist you in your education and personal life.