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Political Science Alumni

Some of our Political Science Alumni offer career insights and advice to our current students and those considering Political Science at Fitchburg State University.

The experiences of our Political Science alumni, while they were students in our Major (or Minor), the impact on their careers, and the lessons they learned at the University -- and now in their careers -- provide perspective to our Political Scientists in training -- and to those who'll join us in the years ahead.

Just click on the names below for this Political Science based career insight and advice:

Mr. Nicholas Carbone (2009 graduate)
Mr. Timothy Casey (2008 graduate)
Mr. David Chen (2013 graduate)
Mr. Anthony Cornacchia (2012 graduate)
Mr. Matthew Costello (2013 graduate)
Ms. Jessica L. Glover (2008 graduate)
Mr. Eric Gregoire (2011 graduate)
Mr. Ralph Hogan (2011 graduate)
Mr. Ian James (2009 graduate)
Ms. Shadia Lahlou (2013 graduate)
Mr. Michael Miner (2008 graduate)
Mr. Piergiacomo Mion Dalle Carbonare (2012 graduate)