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Political Science

Program Overview

Political science integrates economic and historical facets to understand contemporary power, decision-making, theory, and methodology of political systems. Analytical and statistical research centers on the structure and operations of local, regional, state wide, national or federal American governmental institutions; comparative foreign governments at the countrywide level; and international political organizations and institutions (inclusive of participation by countries). American and international based career fostering, via internship and simulation/decision-making training programs, build on concerted student-professor collaboration in extra-curricular activities such as Moot Court, Model United Nations, and Political Science Club.

These political science priorities and experiences contribute to increasing numbers of graduates obtaining advanced degrees and serving in public policy leadership positions. The constant and rapid changes in the U.S. and global arenas reflect the Political Science Department’s focus on American politics (pre-law) and international politics (pre-doctoral) graduate career tracks.

Dr. Spero giving a presentation

Dr. Joshua Spero, Political Science, 2003

Career Opportunities

Courses in political science are intended for any student with a general interest in politics and government. Political Science Internships and The Washington Center careers and internships provide students with exciting and essential experiences to build their careers and often create the opportunities for jobs after graduation. They are also designed to provide a proper background for students interested in pursuing graduate study or a career in law, public administration, or government and political science. Political science graduates have gained positions with local, state, federal and private agencies and educational institutions, as well as in business and industry.

For current and prospective political science concentrators (majors and minors), the advice and insight offered by some of our political science alumni provide exciting ways to see what a political science degree at Fitchburg State University can achieve for one's career.

The Political Science faculty at Fitchburg State University not only provide students with a theoretical foundation in the field - they go above and beyond by connecting students to real world networks and practitioners. My experience at Fitchburg prepared me for working across the globe, but the faculty and staff impart an invaluable sense of practical idealism resonating far beyond the classroom. Fitchburg State is at the heart of higher education in Massachusetts - a shining beacon on the hill.
- Michael Miner, '08 (Teaching Fellow, Harvard University)

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