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Energy Management Technology Concentration

Energy courses have always been the core requirement for all the concentrations within the Industrial Technology program. Over the years, the Industrial Technology Department has been reviewing the employment trends as they relate to energy concentration. As a result of making the concentration more comprehensive and compatible with other department concentrations, the department utilized a new grouping of existing and new courses to refocus into Energy Management Technology Concentration.

The department chair, Professor Sanjay Kaul, a Fulbright senior specialist giving a talk on "Energy Roadmap: Rethinking of U.S. Foreign Policy" at Lisbon, Portugal.

In addition to courses in their concentration, all Industrial Technology students receive a well-rounded technical core of classes in the following:

  • Energy Systems
  • Energy Conservation & Principles
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Technical drawing
  • Technical analysis
  • Computers in industrial technology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • The evolution of industrial technology

Energy Student Group
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

Student Quote: "Fitchburg State University gave me the knowledge I needed to a get a job in my field for a company in Worcester."

Required Courses 57 S.H.

ITEC 1000 - Electric Systems and Circuits 3 cr.
ITEC 1200 - Engineering Design Fabrication Systems I 3 cr.
ITEC 1210 - Design Skills in Industrial Technology 3 cr.
ITEC 1300 - Engineering Design Fabrication Systems II 3 cr.
ITEC 1310 - Materials Testing 3 cr.
ITEC 1600 - Energy Systems I 3 cr.
ITEC 1720 - Computers in Industrial Technology 3 cr.
ITEC 2600 - Energy Systems II 3 cr.
ITEC 2630 - Power & Lighting Systems 3 cr.
ITEC 2710 - Statics 3 cr.
ITEC 2740 - OSHA 3 cr.
ITEC 3600 - Energy Conservation Principles 3 cr.
ITEC 3650 - Co-generation & Waste Recovery Systems 3 cr.
ITEC 3910 - Engineering Experimentation 3 cr.
ITEC 3930 - Strength of Materials 3 cr.
ITEC 4600 - Performance Contracting Systems 3 cr.
ITEC 4700 - Project Management 3 cr.
ITEC 4750 - Seminars in Facilities Management 3 cr.

An additional 15 semester hours of Industrial Technology or declared minor electives are required to complete the program.