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Electronics Engineering Technology Concentration

Electronics Engineering Technology Concentration 120 S.H.

The Electronics Engineering Technology concentration prepares students for positions in the challenging field of electronics by developing the theoretical and practical skills required for this discipline. The skills students need are acquired through a planned sequence of courses involving classroom work in conduction with hands-on experience utilizing the most modern testing and measuring equipment.

Required courses 57 S.H.

ITEC 1000 Electric Systems and Circuits 3 cr.
ITEC 1100 Electronics I 3 cr.
ITEC 1200 Engineering Design Fabrication Systems I 3 cr.
ITEC 1210 Design Skills in Industrial Technology 3 cr.
ITEC 1400 Technical Drawing 3 cr.
ITEC 1600 Energy Systems I 3 cr.
ITEC 1710 Technical Analysis 3 cr.
ITEC 2100 Electronics II 3 cr.
ITEC 2710 Statics 3 cr.
ITEC 2730 Automated Manufacturing and Robotics 3 cr.
ITEC 3100 Electronics III 3 cr.
ITEC 3110 Digital Electronics 3 cr.
ITEC 3120 Control Theory 3 cr.
ITEC 3910 Engineering Experimentation 3 cr.
ITEC 3930 Strength of Materials 3 cr.
ITEC 4100 Industrial Electronics 3 cr.
ITEC 4110 Electronic Communication Systems 3 cr.
ITEC 4120 Microprocessor-Based Control 3 cr.

An additional 15 semester hours of Industrial Technology or declared minor electives are required to complete the concentration.

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