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Architectural Technology Concentration

Architectural Technology is a pre-professional program that provides a foundation of architecture and technology undergraduate studies. It is based on a strong exposure to the many facets of architecture and architectural design that include residential, commercial, urban, and sustainability issues.

Industrial technology students building with wood

Emphasis is placed on both architectural design and technological components such as drawing, computer aided drafting (CAD), 3D and building information modeling (BIM), site planning, construction and materials technology, energy and sustainability, mechanical and electrical systems, and architectural professional practice. These studies are interwoven with a comprehensive education in the liberal arts and sciences which includes writing, literature, behavioral sciences, history of architecture, art, technical calculus, and physics.

A group of students wearing hard hats at a job site
American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)


Architectural Technology Concentration 120 S. H.

The Architectural Technology Concentration is structured to prepare students with a focused knowledge based and, with the introduction of design, a combination of both linear and creative thinking skills. The curriculum requires 120 credit hours and follows a relatively prescribed four-year course of study. This leads to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial technology with a concentration in Architectural Technology.A structure designed with CAD Graduates are prepared to enter the design/building industry or proceed to graduate programs in architecture or other related design and construction programs. Job opportunities include working in architectural offices and many design and building industry related positions.

Additional Liberal Arts Requirements

ART 1650 3-D Design 3 cr.
ART 3300 History of Architecture 3 cr.
ART 3500 History of Modern Architecture 3 cr.
MATH 2100 Technical Calculus 3 cr.

Required courses 72 S.H.

ITEC 1000 - Electric Systems and Circuits 3 cr.
ITEC 1210 - Design Skills in Industrial Technology 3 cr.
ITEC 1310 - Materials Testing 3 cr.
ITEC 1320 - Construction Systems I 3 cr.
ITEC 1450 - Architectural Graphics 3 cr.
ITEC 1710 - Technical Analysis 3 cr.
ITEC 1720 - Computers in Industrial Technology 3 cr.
ITEC 2310 - Construction Systems II 3 cr.
ITEC 2400 - Architectural Drawing 3 cr.
ITEC 2410 - CAD 3 cr.
ITEC 2450 - Theory of Architecture 3 cr.
ITEC 2630 - Power and Lighting 3 cr.
ITEC 2710 - Statics 3 cr.
ITEC 3220 - Product Modeling and Rendering 3 cr.
ITEC 3300 - Estimating and Bidding 3 cr.
ITEC 3310 - Mechanical and Plumbing Systems 3 cr.
ITEC 3340 - Construction Systems III 3 cr.
ITEC 3410 - Drafting Commercial Structures 3 cr.
ITEC 3430 - Architectural Design I 3 cr.
ITEC 3460 - Architectural Design II 3 cr.
ITEC 3600 - Energy Conservation Principles 3 cr.
ITEC 3930 - Strength of Materials 3 cr.
ITEC 4350 - Site Planning 3 cr.
ITEC 4470 - Architectural Professional Practice 3 cr.

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