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History Major

The History program offers a variety of courses to all students. It provides a strong foundation in European, World and United States history.

The program offers a major and minor in history, as well as provisional certification for teaching history.

The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in History require 36 hours of course work. BA and BS candidates in History must have  a minor in another discipline.

Required Courses

Take the Following courses:

HIST 1000 World Civilizations I 3 cr.
HIST 1100 World Civilizations II 3 cr.
HIST 1400 United States History I 3 cr.
HIST 1500 United States History II OR 3 cr.
AMST 1800 Introduction to American Studies I  
HIST 2021 Reading Historical Landscapes 3 cr.
HIST 2022 Constructing History 3 cr.
HIST 4500 Senior Seminar 3 cr.

Additional Requirements

  • Fifteen semester hours of History electives.
  • All History majors must take either MATH 1200 or MATH 1700 as a mathematics requirement.
  • The Bachelor of Arts also requires foreign language proficiency at the intermediate level.
  • History majors are required to take two courses in Political Science.


* Computer Literacy and Speaking/Listening requirement.
** Reading Historical Landscapes is suggested to be taken prior to Constructing History.