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History Concentration

The History program offers a variety of courses to those seeking a strong foundation in both World and United States history.

Students of history develop research skills, the ability to find and evaluate sources of information, and the means to identify and evaluate diverse interpretations.

What we offer

We offer courses ranging from the ancient worlds of Europe, Asia and the Americas, to the modern world in a global culture. You'll gain proficiency in reading, writing, and critical thinking through coursework that emphasizes research methods and interpretive skills.

What you get

You'll be prepared for advanced degree programs, as well as careers in public history. The number of professional jobs for historians is considerable. They teach at various levels, work in museums and media centers, do historical research for businesses or public agencies, or participate in the growing number of historical consultancies.

People who study history use their training for broader professional purposes. Students of history find their experience directly relevant to jobs in a variety of careers, as well as to further study in fields like law and public administration.

Work in history also improves basic writing and speaking skills. It is directly relevant to many of the analytical requirements in the public and private sectors, where the capacity to identify and explain trends is essential.

Requirements for the Major in History

  • The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in History require 36 hours of course work.
  • BA and BS candidates in History must have a minor in another discipline.

Required Courses

Choose two of the following:

HIST 1000 World Civilizations I 3 cr
HIST 1100 World Civilizations II 3 cr
HIST 1150 World Civilizations III 3 cr

And the following four courses:

HIST 1400 U. S. History I 3 cr
HIST 1500 U. S. History II 3 cr
AMST 1800 Introduction to American Studies 3 cr
HIST 2000 Historical Methods* 3 cr
HIST 4500 Senior Seminar** 3 cr
  • One upper-level elective from each of the following areas: European History, U.S. History, Non-Western (Asia, Africa, or Latin America)
  • Nine semester hours of History electives
  • The bachelor of arts also requires foreign language proficiency at the intermediate level

** Junior/Senior Writing Requirement
* Computer Literacy and Speaking/Listening Requirement

Post Baccalaureate Program in History, 8-12

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