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Freddy Falcon's Identity is Revealed!

Freddy Falcon

Freddy Falcon 2011 to 2014

Thomas Karner juggling on stage

Thomas Karner, Class of 2014(aka Tommy Irish Lion)
B.S. Communications Media, Concentration: Theater

Freddy Falcon 2014 to 2016

Portrait of Mike Daniel  

Mike Daniel, Class of 2016 (aka The Mike)
B.S. Communications Media, Concentration: Theater

Freddy Falcon 2017 to Present

Freddy Falcon posing for pictures with a fan

Freddy's current identity must remain secret! But don't worry, you'll find out someday smile

Freddy Falcon's History

Students and faculty within the Communications Media Department have been invested in the image, marketing, and creation of our beloved mascot. Alumni recently reached out to share their stories.

David Shilale as Freddy Falcon in the 1980s
David Shilale, 1988 to 1991
Class of 1991, B.S. Communications Media

The Mascot Program at Fitchburg State

In 2003 Fitchburg State didn’t have a regular mascot. Different incarnations of a falcon had come and gone, but there wasn’t consistent program or image.

At the time graduate student Jason Polonsky felt a mascot was too important a symbol for Fitchburg State to go without one. He pitched his idea to create a stronger and professional mascot program to then president Bob Antonucci. And Antonucci was impressed. Polonsky was awarded $10,000 to fund his practicum project to start Fitchburg State’s mascot program.

Under the guidance of Dr. John Chetro-Szivos, Polonsky created a mascot design, naming contest, website, and training manual for future students. In the naming contest the name “Falcor” beat Freddy by nearly 100 votes. But years later, Fitchburg State changed the name to Freddy around 2012/2013.

Little did Polonsky know that this graduate project would lead to unique opportunities. For 8 years he was the mascot for the Boston Red Sox and spent 10 years with WNBA’s Connecticut Sun. He portrayed several mascots for minor leagues throughout New England.

Jason Polonsky
Class of 2002, B.S. Communications Media, Concentration Film/Video
Class of 2004, M.S. Communications Management