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Chemistry Major

All chemistry majors are required to take nine core courses and two advanced CHEM electives. Extensive laboratory work is included to help develop the skills of scientific inquiry. Students gain scientific literacy through reading, writing, testing hypotheses, and quantitative analysis. The core courses also integrate computer literacy.

Required Courses in Chemistry

CHEM 1300 General Chemistry I 4 cr.
CHEM 1400 General Chemistry II 4 cr.
CHEM 2000 Organic Chemistry I 4 cr.
CHEM 2100 Organic Chemistry II 4 cr.
CHEM 3600 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry 3 cr.
CHEM 2400 General Analytical Chemistry 4 cr.
CHEM 3200 Physical Chemistry I 4 cr.
CHEM 4100 Biochemistry  
CHEM 4750 Chemistry Seminar (capstone course)  

Required Courses in Related Disciplines

PHYS 2300 General Physics I 4 cr.
PHYS 2400 General Physics II 4 cr.
MATH 1300 Precalculus 4 cr.
MATH 2300 Calculus I 4 cr.
MATH 2400 Calculus II 4 cr.
BIOL 1800 General Biology 4 cr.


Two electives chosen from any CHEM courses above 3000.

Curriculum details